Sharon Church Elders Ministries

The Head Elder chairs the Board of Elders. Potential candidates for the office of elder are recommended to the board by the Lead Pastor. All candidates will have demonstrated the gift of leadership within the church family, will have the respect of the church family as spiritual servant of God. The office requires ordination. It also requires that each elder oversee two or more church ministries. Appointment as an elder requires the unanimous vote of the Board of Elders.

A Head Deaconess is the Director of the Ministry. Sharon Church Deaconesses are ordained for this sacred office. Deaconesses assist at baptisms, make arrangements for communion services, and care for the sick and needy. Candidates must have demonstrated integrity, a willingness to be used by the Lord, and the spiritual gift of helps to be recommended to the Office of Deaconesses.

A Head Deacon is the Director of the Ministry. Deacons may not serve until they have been ordained. Deacons' work involves a wide range of services for the church including assistance at services and meetings, preparation for baptisms, assistance at communions, and care and maintenance of all church property.

  • Head Elder Sierra Hernandez

    Women-focused Ministries

  • Asst. Head Elder Jennette Robinson

    Outreach /Fellowship

  • Asst. Head Elder Mark Rumsey Outreach/Fellowship

  • Elder Tim Timmons


  • Elder Ellie Green


  • Elder Yalanda Williams

    Youth & Young Adult

  • Elder Valerie Knight

    Sabbath School/Education

  • Elder Wendell Carlton

    Community Service

  • Elder David Parker

    Health & Fitness Ministries

  • Elder Gabriela Yaste

    Music Ministry,  ACA K-8/Home School

  • Elder Sonia Fiol

    Youth & Young Adult

  • Elder Keith Brown

    Men-focused Ministries