Get Plugged In. Get Involved. Start Serving.

There are many ways to get plugged in, get involved, and start serving in our church and community at Sharon Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

You can help by:

Become an enthusiastic team volunteer to help at events. Driving golf carts.

Areas where you can serve.

Sharon Church offers several ministries and small groups designed to strengthen you spiritually and socially. Join us, become involved in our efforts to serve our neighbors, and be a neighbor. It is through these encounters that our faith is strengthened and enriched. Please check out our website on these opportunities:

  • Men's Ministry

    Sharon’s Jail Ministry is one of the Men's Ministries that was started 10 years ago with the help of two (2) influential men, John Maxwell and Mike Benefield who loved Jesus and both desired that the gospel message be presented by representatives of the Adventist faith in the Charlotte jail system. Under the direction of Scott Walgren, the ministry has been given a second Pod (where inmates live) for about one (1) hour each Wednesday night to speak God’s Truth to those who choose to come and listen. My co-workers would testify each time we visit it could be the first or last time we see them, ‘we leave feeling we were blessed more than how we thought we blessed the inmates.' This is a much-needed ministry for our church and for the men we serve in jail. The men we encounter are seeking truth in the mixture of religions they encounter and a way they can have a better life.

  • Water Baptism

    Water baptism is one step in the formal membership process, but those interested in just getting more information about becoming a member of Sharon are also encouraged to attend. Register at

  • Community Service

    Our mission is to serve the community in Christ’s name. This means serving the whole person, in the areas of Hunger, Shelter and Homelessness, Schools and Families, Health and Wellness. We long to better the community around us and help them to have a better life and to experience the kingdom of God. Contact Forrest Watson if you are interested.

  • Christian Education (preschoolers and K-8)

    Welcome to Adventist Christian Academy (ACA). We are a K-8th grade Seventh-day Adventist school located in Charlotte, NC. Our staff is committed to providing quality Adventist Education in a Christ-filled environment. Visit  to find more information about Sharon Weekday Preschool. Call 704-366-4351 to schedule a visit.


  • Teen Church

    The third Sabbath of each month 'Teen Church' (ages 13 through 18) is held in the Youth Chapel at the same adult worship service is conducted in the sanctuary. Elder Yalanda Williams is the Director and she teams up with Associate Pastor Ryan Hodgins to provide an interesting program of various activities, discussions and worship talks that addresses the challenges and tough decisions our teens must make every day. If you have a love for youth, speak with Elder Yalanda or Pastor Ryan to volunteer to help with this ministry.

  • Women's Ministry

    The Women's Ministry at Sharon is a group of active and exciting ladies of all ages that are engaged in many activities throughout the year. Our book club is a monthly gathering of women with the purpose of connecting through fellowship, a spring 'tea,' fall retreat, and holiday gift-basket making and a "secret-sister" program. The Women's Ministry also extended an open invitation to ladies who are not members of Sharon. Women are free to join anytime. For more information contact Sierra Hernandez. 

  • WGFY stands for "With Grace For You," Charlotte"s Newest Family Christian Radio station located in Charlotte, North Carolina. WGFY 1480AM is owned and operated by Charlotte Advent Media Corporation (CAMC). WGFY broadcasting schedule includes programs about the Bible, Prophecy, family, health, finances, current events, children's stories, and much more! You can also follow our journey in real time. Subscribe to our Youtube channel and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

  • Sandwich Ministry

    Sierra and David Hernandez, organize and facilitate a Sandwich Ministry to the homeless population in the Charlotte area. The third Sabbath of each month from September - May, we assemble the package, label(bible verses), and deliver over 500 sandwiches to the Women's, Children's, and Men's Shelter. Volunteers from Sharon, donate the items needed for this ministry; including egg salad, meats, cheese, bread, baggies, labels, and gloves. "A generous person will be blessed for he gives some of his food to the poor." Proverbs 22:9

  • Health & Fitness

    The Health & Fitness Lifestyle Ministry is dedicated to instruct and improve the health and wellness of our church family and community. This goal will be addressed through nutritional seminars, cooking classes, fitness seminars, exercise and fitness activities, and outings. Most of all of our chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, hypertension, and stroke can be substantially reduced or eliminated through proper diet and exercise. The definition of healthy lifestyle is BALANCE; spiritually, mentally and physically; living life to the fullest possible and physically; living life to the fullest possible level to be a witness and ministry to others.

  • First Impression

    Often a church never gets a second chance to make a first impression on a visitor – which is why this is one of the most important ministries in the church and only greeters with the spiritual gift of hospitality (the supernatural ability to welcome and receive those you have never met and create a warm environment for them). To volunteer contact Lloyd Green for more information.

  • Pathfinders

    A worldwide Seventh-day Adventist-sponsored organization of young people in grades 5 through 9 with 'clubs' in each Adventist Church teaching the principles and disciplines of physical, mental, moral and spiritual development. This is done through earning honors and participating in multiple activities each year with the focus on Jesus Christ and teamwork. The Sharon Pathfinder Club are called 'Charlotte Flyers.' Sonia Fiol is the overseeing elder and Junior Anderson is the Director.

  • Media Ministry

    A learned skill that requires patience and a regular attendance commitment. To volunteer for this ministry requires several Sabbaths of observation and training. Contact Chuck Connor if interested.